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Coach Up Your Life - Calendar 2020

14,90 € + Shipping 2 €

The charming humorous postcard desk calendar with coaching tips about motivation and inner strength.

Stylish, elegant and humorous in a practical acrylic box stand. Exactly what you need in order to start every day with joy and verve. Each month a lovingly designed postcard with coaching tips from Leadership & Cooperation Coach Stephanie Schmelcher-Mändle and illustrations with the ThePowerTo mascot of artist Julia Stolba. By perforation the monthly overview can be easily separated from the postcard and send to other people in need of a little coaching and cheering up.

Product description

Our Promise:

At ‚ThePowerTo‘ every purchase has a purpose. From every calendar sold we contribute 15% a Munich non-profit association supporting women. Their credo: Strong Women – Strong society. Their aim: Equal participation of all people in a gender-equitable, inclusive, social and liberal-democratic society

The calendar is available in English and in German.

German Title: Genieße Dein Leben Kalender 2020, English Title: Coach Up Your Life Calendar 2020


At or directly with us, just send us an email but don’t forget to mention your name, address and desired amount and version (German or English) Price: € 14,90; Packaging and shipping (in Europe) € 2


  • Measurements acrylic box:19 cm x 11 cm x 1 cm
  • Measurements postcard:18 cm x 10,5 cm
  • German Title:Genieße Dein Leben Kalender 2020
  • English Title:Coach Up Your Life Calendar 2020
  • Price:€ 14,90 + Packaging & Shipping € 2